One of the reasons why you buy orchids is to enjoy their spectacular beauty in your home but then again, if you buy really beautiful orchids and don't know how to take care of them and arrange them well, you'll end up ruining the orchids and still have no orchid beautification in your home.

So in this article, you'll get a quick rundown of how to take care of your orchids and how to arrange them properly so that you get the most out of your orchids.


Excitement fills you when you are bringing an orchid into your home, but the thing is, bringing an orchid from where it is used to, down to your home can be traumatic, for you and for the orchid. Green houses with high humidity and high light are where your orchids are likely to have been grown or where you are likely to purchase them from. Bringing them into your home environment which is prone to have less of both factors -high humidity and high light- means, the orchids are going to need adjustments, which if not done properly, might cause you to lose your orchid.

So, in this article, I'm giving you a quick rundown of how to take care of your orchid when it gets to your home -it's new home.

If your orchid plant is in bloom;

·       Make sure you find a bright area in your home where you can keep the orchid. This area should not be exposed to direct sunlight though, except maybe in the morning. Reason is because too much sunlight will make the orchids bleach out.

·       Make sure the area where the plant is situated is always cool, like, 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit). This will enable your plant to remain fresher for a longer period of time.

·       Always make sure your plant is well-watered even when it has stopped growing in it's bloom. The flowers and leaves still need the water, so keep on watering.

·       Disallow flies and bees from entering the orchid space when it's in bloom. Reason is because, if your flower gets pollinated, they will collapse and they'll die afterwards.

·       Try not to place your plants next to fruits that are ripe. Ethylene gas is given off by ripe fruits and this can kill your flowers prematurely.

·       Make sure pollutants like paint thinners are kept off your plant as this can make the blossoms to fade.

·       Spraying the flowers with water may cause spotting from fungal diseases so do not spray water at the flowers.

Now, if you orchid plant is not in bloom, you should

·       Make sure there are no bugs in your plant by looking at the leaves and the undergrowth.

·       If you have a collection of orchids, you should separate your new plant from the collection so that any hidden bug eggs will hatch out. The separation can b for like, 3 weeks.

·       To ensure that the plant is safe, you can spray the plant with an insecticidal soap, and do this thoroughly. Wipe off the excess spray with a paper towel. The reason why you need to spray with an insecticidal soap is to keep your leaves clean and fresh and to kill off every bug and insect on the plant.

·       Now, after all of this has been done, you can try repotting your orchid plant into your collection -if you have one.


Now, back to our main topic, we are going to discuss how to arrange your orchid flowers to give your home that beautiful look you are aiming for. Flower arrangements are very elegant. They've always and will always represent the height of sophistication and good taste. The major thing to make them look beautiful and elegant is to keep the arrangement simple and not to overwhelm the arrangement with too many elements.

Before we go into flower arrangement, let me quickly give you a simple home-made orchid preservative for orchid flowers. This will make your arrangement last longer.

Mix a 12 ounce can of a lemon flavored soft drink (soda), like 7up or sprite, one teaspoon of household bleach and the same quantity of water as the soft drink. The bleach will kill the bacteria that can stop the flow of the water system in the flower stem, the citric acid increases the acidity (lowers the pH) and the sugar in the soda will serve as food for the flower.

Now, when it comes to flower arrangement, you need to understand the three basic elements needed to give you a beautiful flower design; and they are line, mass and filler. Once you understand all of these, you are bound to have a very beautiful flower arrangement. Explained below are these three flower arranging elements;

·       Line Flowers: they are tall and are used when it comes to arranging width and height. The type of orchids used are the branched orchids with buds. They are a lot of branched orchids with buds which you can use to create this effect, some of them include oncidiums and cymbidiums.

·       Mass Flowers: They give your arrangement mass or better still, weight. They also serve as the main point of interest and color in an arrangement, and they are mostly full-faced or round. Examples include angraecums and paphiopedilums.

·       Filler Flowers: Filler flowers are known to have a lot of small flowers and their foliage is usually fine textured. An example is the miniature oncidium.


·       Line flowers alone can make a lovely arrangement in a cylindrical tall vase. Make sure your vase is proportional to the flower. The size of the vase you are going to use should be about one half to 1/3 of the total arrangement. For example, you should use a vase that is twelve to eighteen inches tall for three foot tall spikes of oncidiums or cymbidiums.

·       Mass flowers can be arranged in a low vase or container. They will produce the effect needed.

·       Arranging a little amount of filler flowers alone can beautify your room and make it look more elegant. Filler flowers are very suitable for drying.

·       There are some flowers which can be used as more than just one element. For instance, the phalaenopsis sprays can be used as line elements especially the types that are multifloral. Single large flowers can be used as mass flowers.


You can support the stem of your orchid flower so as to make it face the direction you want it to face. This is a very good idea when it comes to flower arrangement. They are a lot of ways to provide support to the stem and some of them are mentioned below;

·       Use rocks and stones if you are using a clear vase

·       Using a florist tape to make a tic-tac-toe cross across the opening of the vase.

·       Florist foam is also very effective. It is the most popular method used by professional arrangers because of it's easy usage. It also retains water well, making the flowers to last longer.

If you want a professional to handle your orchid flower arrangement and you stay in the Beverly Hills area, all you have to do is reach out to Beverly Hills Orchids and be rest assured that they would be delighted to help you achieve that beautiful type of arrangement you've always wanted.