There are healing powers in orchids. They can turn the bluest and heaviest of hearts a little lighter and a little less blue. Having something beautiful to care for can help to ease a little of the sadness that comes with the many kinds of losses. Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, or help the recently unemployed find a job, but when the unexpected surprise of an orchid arrives, it brings a little happiness, and lets a person know they are loved and thought of.
At the loss of a loved one, flowers are often sent to the bereaved. Funeral homes and churches are often covered in flowers sent from friends and family in remembrance. And for a moment, we appreciate these thoughtful gifts. When all is said and done, however, and the weeks after go by, the flowers are usually long since gone as well.

Orchids, however, continue to grow when properly cared for. It doesn’t take a lot of maintenance to keep an orchid growing strong. It only needs water about once or twice a week depending on the season. Just make sure to keep the leaves dry and use water that isn’t too cold.

While flowers are a reminder of the loss we have suffered, the beauty of orchids can inspire us. Orchids help us to see our loved one in its beauty, as well as in the person who gave it. Caring for an orchid given to us during a time of loss  can also help to keep the memory of our loved ones alive. It can also help us to find the sunshine in an otherwise dreary day.

Giving an orchid is like giving love. When a person feels loved, it makes living life a little easier, especially when it’s become burdensome. Having something so beautiful to look at and care for gives us a moment of peace, a moment to step back, and even to recharge.