Orchids can bring a wealth of class and color to any setting.  Drab offices and rooms can instantly be brought to life with a few bright and gorgeous orchids. There are many orchid species that can be grown in the home so that the vibrancy and fragrance can be enjoyed year round.

The moth orchid is possibly the easiest orchid to grow in the home. It blooms in winter with long flower spikes containing many spectacular blooms that last for months.

The cattleya orchid is what the classic corsage is made of. Most bloom in winter and early spring and are not difficult to grow in the home. The fragrant flowers last for about a month, with color ranging from white to purple to yellow, orange, red, green and pink.

Venus’ slipper, commonly called the lady’s slipper orchid because of its unique pouch-like lower petal, is another orchid that is not difficult to grow in the home. Flowers may be of many colors with patterns of stripes, veins and spots.

Dendrobium is one of the largest and most diverse orchid genera. They have over a thousand species and a great variety in flower appearance and color.

Cymbidium orchids are large plants with strap-like foliage and long sprays of large, showy flowers in abundance. They last long and work well as cut flowers.

Better known as the jewel orchid, the Ludisia is grown primarily for its exquisite foliage with velvety, dark green to purplish-brown leaves with gold to red veins. It is one of the easiest orchids to grow, and a stem cutting will root to form a new plant.

Oncidium orchids are called dancing ladies. Their erect flower spikes are long and branching, bearing many small flowers, usually no more than one inch in size. In general flowers are yellow and brown.

Phaius, called the nun’s orchid, can grow to 48 inches tall when blooming. Its large, thin leaves are broad and pleated. Its many striking flowers are held on long flower spikes, each plant producing many spikes. Flowers are white, yellow, purple and magenta.

Phragmipediums are lady’s slipper orchids from Central and South America. Their unique and exquisite flowers come in many colors: green, pink, orange, red, and yellow.

Zygopetalum are among the most fragrant of orchids, blooming from late autumn to early spring with flowers lasting a month or more. The flowers are multicolored in purple, mauve, green, brown and white. Any of these, or any combination can keep your home or office colorful and fragrant all year long.