Among the numerous species of orchids in the world, one of the most favorite and most popular is the cymbidium type. This is because cymbidium orchids, which are also known as "boat orchids", are not just very pretty but also flourish well in dry and cool conditions. Since they are more tolerant of cold weather, you're bound to see them in abundant beauty even in the midst of winter.

What's more, these orchids are also quite easy to grow and cultivate. You'll find them with large sprays of blossoms that are known to last longer than others--- about 8 to 10 weeks. The flowers also come in a wide variety of colors.

Watering Tips

Watering of cymbidium orchids must be done in the morning, with the use of lukewarm water. This ought to be accomplished once a week and maybe twice when it's summertime. Also make sure to keep the pot and surroundings a bit damp or moist, except during the winter season.

Furthermore, ensure the use of fresh water as much as possible. The salt content in water can damage the plant and make the leaves turn black and perish.

Light Requirements

You have to expose your cymbidiums to a lot of light at all times. Make sure to provide just the right amount of brightness. You can tell if it's right by checking the color of the leaves. If they turn yellow, then there is too much of light. But if they become a dark green shade, it means the light is not sufficient. You ought to aim for the yellow-green color.  

Fertilizer Guidelines

Regular fertilization is essential during the period of active growth. In winter time, you only have to apply the fertilizer just once in each month.

Take note that applying fertilizers should be done only when the orchids are in good condition and are not dry. If you add fertilizer to a plant that's dry, it may result to further damage.

Temperature Necessities

When it comes to the temperature that will help your cymbidiums grow nicely, you need to be aware of the actual measurements needed in different seasons. During summer and fall, day temperature requirement is at 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit and night temperature requirement is at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. And when it's winter, the day temperature must be maintained between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit while night temperature ought to be 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, even if cymbidium orchids are more tolerant of the cold, you still cannot expose them too much that they will get frosted.

Humidity Conditions

Oftentimes, cymbidium orchids blossom in the winter. When they are in bud, it's important to have 40 to 60% humidity level.

In case your humidity level is lacking, what you can do is make use of a humidity tray or a humidifier. However, don't go overboard because too much humidity is also not good. You can balance this with proper and sufficient air movement.

Potting Advice

Always check the pot of your cymbidium orchids if it's not yet soggy. If it is, then it's time for repotting. Often repotting is done during spring time after the plant's flowers have already bloomed. Of course you must take away the damaged roots first before completing the repotting process.

You may want to go for clay pots as this type of pot is most recommended by experts. This is due to the fact that water can easily evaporate from such pots and this will be good for the dry condition that nourishes cymbidiums. Nonetheless, the environment should still contain a little moisture.

With these vital tips, surely you'll be able to grow and cultivate cymbidium orchids very well. Enjoy!